Are my neighbours' poisoning my plants?

...why are my plants unhealthy?

Neighbour disputes are unfortunately all too common. Sometimes they can seem to focus on a particular plant or plants. "My neighbour is poisoning my plants", is a common phase I hear. These thoughts may be based in fact, but at other times their cause can be based on your side of the fence. 

Therefore, this Service caters for any plant in poor health, regardless of any human interactions.

Identifying the most likely cause of ailing plants is important for your plants but, perhaps more importantly, for your state of mind. 


The process

Every case is different, and we only proceed and advise on those where we feel, after discussion with the client, confident about identifying the probable cause/s. Screening soil for contaminates can be a costly process and can often yield inconclusive results. Our approach is different, we analyse the plant material and test the soil for probable causes.

  • As a soil scientist and botanist, Soil Values' is well placed to identify specific plant health issues. In this bespoke service we will advise on what we require to conduct the analysis. Often, photographs, plant and soil samples. 

  • The cost involved depends on what is necessary to perform the assessment. These will be outlined in a no-obligation quote in writing after discussing the issue with the client. 

If you have a plant-related problem solved, get in touch today at: soilvalues@gmail.com / 07598 714 082