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pH test

Perfect for finding suitable plants for your garden

Knowing the pH (the degree of acidity or alkalinity) of your soil is an important undertaking. It can determine which plants will thrive in your garden, or which nutrients are likely to be in short supply.

What's included?

  • pH analysis tells you how acid or alkaline a soil is. This is important because it dictates the kinds of plants that will grow well in your soil & allows you to avoid those that wont. We also guide how pH can be changed to optimize plant growth. If your soil is acidic & you require a more alkaline ground we will run a lime requirement test . This reveals how much lime is needed to increase its pH. The pH is one of the most important factors in plant nutrition. This is because nutrients vary in their solubility depending on the soil's pH. Plants only acquire nutrients in solution form, therefore pH dictates their availability to the plant.

  • Bespoke Report written in an easy to interpret style giving the reader the results of the pH test, but, importantly, discussing their significance in relation to your reason for having the soil tested. Customers frequently tell us how much they appreciate receiving an easy to understand report.

The pH Service is perfect for:

Beginning to understanding your soil;


Selecting right plants for your garden.

Deciding if you need to add lime or sulphur to your plot.