The Soil Lab prides itself in presenting clear, straightforward results. We provide bespoke advice as standard, based on your stated purpose for the tests.

All too often, professional laboratories provide reports in technical language that can bewilder the recipient. 

The service is tailored to those without a background in soil science or needing to consult textbooks to fathom the meaning of their results.

Our pledge is to demystify soil science to enabling you to make decisions or improve your soil.

Results from our professional soil tests provides advice to gardeners, the landscape sector, ecologists, farmers & small holders.




Essential tests and advice that provide an overview of your soil & how it can be managed. Perfect for people with existing garden beds & borders who appreciate the value of healthy plants and soil - more information



Flexible service that allows you to select the tests you want. Ideal for somebody with a specific purpose in mind, such as checking  the value of certain soil nutrients for grazing animals - more information

Image by Jonas Weckschmied


​To discover:

  • the pH (degree of acidity) of your soil

  • the levels of soil nutrients

  • the percentage of organic matter

  • the capacity of your soil to retain water

Among other things, this will tell you:

  • which plants are most suitable for your garden

  • which nutrients to apply to your soil and which are already plentiful

  • how to improve & manage your soil

  • how an acid soil can be made less acidic & increase nutrient availability

  • the interaction between your soil’s pH and its nutrient availability

  • which of the eleven categories best describe your soil

  • the nutrient status of your soil prior to creating new areas

  • information to help in diagnosing problems

  • if your soil is becoming toxic through excess fertilizer