Results & report sent within 7 days of receiving soil samples

  • soil acidity levels

  • nutrient levels

  • % organic matter

  • soil water retention

  • soil type

  • salinity

  • lime requirement

Bespoke soil testing & advice

Soil Values provides clear, straightforward results & advice. This is based on over 30 years of experience in soil science, horticulture & botany.

Our service is specifically tailored to gardeners, the landscape sector, ecologists, farmers & small holders.


Our mission to demystify the science of soil. Enabling you to understand the results & learn from the reasons behind our advice.


We test
We advise on
  • plants that suit your soil

  • your soil's nutrient needs

  • soil's ability to retain nutrients

  • how much water your soil holds

  • characteristics of your soil

  • soil toxicity from over-feeding 

  • making your soil less acidic​

  • bespoke enquires



gain confidence from others...

It is vital to select a company you can trust to deliver a quick and professional soil analysis. 


We provide an intelligible report with results & recommendations that is perfect for gardeners, small holders and farmers.

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